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Interesting fact

Doctor Examining Female Patient With Elbow Pain

I have a client who was selling alternative therapies to doctors. A study showed that consumers were spending $460 billion on alternative therapies. Good stat, no doubt.  But if you went back 10 years, it was only $46 billion.

It had grown tenfold in 10 years. In fact, today, there are 350 million visits to an MD every year. But there are 420 million visits to alternative practitioners. Yes, 70 million more visits to folks who don’t prescribe drugs.

What do we learn from this?  As seniors our aches and pains are feeding the entire conventional medical industry, BUT that there also must be something that could be better; alternative medicine.

About me

It is interesting how many elderly people have discomfort that interferes with their daily life, according to the articles you find while doing your research.

Hello, my name is Billy Henry, and I have had low back discomfort for more than half of my life. You might not think that is much until you learn that I was born in 1944. My left hip has arthritis, and I have a bulging disc at L5-S1.

I have been around.  I know some stuff.  I am willing to share.  If you are ready to listen.

You may be just like me by not considering surgery. Many people have had surgery that resulted in problems. I know you will have a good chance to experience no problems, but I do not want to take that chance.

There are options through holistic medicine that you should consider.

Billy at LM lighter

Our Purpose

Our purpose here at is to grow a community of over 50’s who have aches and pains.  Shouldn’t be difficult to find, as there are quite a number of us.  We aim to share what we have found works and provide some useful real-life reviews of products that have been curated for by a master over 50’er specifically for fellow over 50’ers!

Find holistic options for your aches and pains

Find holistic options for your aches and pains

Educate yourself

Educate yourself

Be a part of the community

Be a part of the community

Our Progress

As of July 2023, we are just starting out on this journey.  We hope to have a couple hundred users within a few months of site completion and we will grow from there.  We can do this!



Our initial starting goal for users of this website.  We want to grow it much bigger and help each other out of the conventional routes of ache and pain relief!



In addition to active members of the community, we hope those who are just surfing by will also benefit, reaching an estimated 50,000+ seniors.



We hope to help those over 50 with aches in pains in the USA and in Ecuador as well.  More countries are sure to come on board!

Our Progress